Sophisticated Location Tracking for tax and other compliance purposes.

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Track Tax and Residency Day Counts.

Track your day counts in various locations for tax (including statutory residency, domicile monitoring, tax filing obligations), homestead, nexus, exemption and other compliance purposes. Track residency and tax day counts by Country, State, Territory, Province and/or City.

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Sixty (60) day free trial -- no credit card required. Available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Set tracking alerts.

Set an unlimited number of day count alerts by Country, State, City, Possession or Province. Receive alerts by email and local notification on your phone as your reach various day thresholds. Check your alerts at any time.

"Highest accuracy available."

Location generally recorded in 15 minute increments using the highest level of accuracy supported by your phone (consistent with efficient battery usage). Location is determined using a combination of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots and cell tower locations and then recorded.

"Search recorded location history by dates."

Search and analyze recorded locations in Day Count App Every day counts.

Obtain detailed logs.

Email or download detailed day count logs (csv/excel and pdf (iOS only) formats) to you and your advisors containing all recorded locations showing your location generally in 15 minute increments. Use to help establish resident or non-resident status.

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